I just found this amazing video of Sou Fujimotos fantastic House NA, that I have written about before. The house is completely open and transparent, like you are living in an scaffolding structure. It really blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, private and public. The only way to get some privacy in there is by going higher up in the building. Nice.


Just wanted to share all the good music I listen to these days. Enjoy!



This is a "Harvest Market" that I did for my master project the 14th of October.! It was a market-event with vegs, fruits and herbs from the gardens where I have mine; Telthusbakken. People donated everything from apples to carrots, and the money went to a good cause. More than a month has passed, but I have gotten som time to reflect upon it!

 The main purpose was for me to get out there, and get in touch with people that maybe wanted to grow their own food, and also to bring people who already grow together with the people who does not. Unfortunately the weather was horrible that day: rain and wind and almost zero degrees! So what is normally a very busy location on sundays was almost empty this day.

Read more on my masterblog.


This is genius! And very beautiful. The thread wrapping machine by RCA graduate Anton Alvarez. Watch and enjoy.

Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez from Dezeen on Vimeo.


I am for the moment in JAPAN!!!!!!
It has been my dream for many years to go here, and finally it has happened. I am actually all by myself, but so far it is no problem at all. Today I will get a guided tour in the gardens and temples of Kyoto!

See you


Watch the FANTASTIC series Earthrise here! This is the two last episodes of season three.

The first episode is about Detroit and how they transform their city into becoming a leading example of what urban farming can do to society, and how we need to think about how we are living our lives in the future!

The second episode looks at how we can develop more sustainable and closed small economies based on use of for instance energy and food resources. Alternative currencies can also build a local community, as in Brixton, which is a part of the Transition Town movement.

These series is fantastic! Go <a href="" title="Earthrise on AlJazeera" target="_blank">HERE</a> to watch all episodes ever.

Thanks, Ferdinand.


Now our allotmentgarden that me and my boyfriend have in Telthusbakken here in Oslo, is at one of its most beautiful stages! I took some pictures of the flowers there.


I contributed in a workshop on Iceland earlier this summer arranged by the Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Oslo National Academy of the Arts together with HDK Gothenburg. It was about local sustainability, and I was there together with students from all over northern Europe. It was a very nice trip, and two of the guys; Snorri and Jón made a film that you can watch if you press this link.

For me this whole trip was a little eyeopener; there is of course a lot we as designers can do in our community. But we tend to think too big sometimes, and maybe also too global; the problem or potential may be right under your nose, in your own local community, in your own nighbourhood! And not even maybe, it most definitely is.. I think that starting to think this way can free us from the way of designing for mass production, because as soon people start seeing that designers exist everywhere, and that we are a resource in peoples everyday life (not only on a commercial level), we can be integrated into the local workforce as any other professions.
We can create new and perhaps educational experiences, we can provide facilities for new social contact crossing the lines of generations, ethnic backgrounds and professions, we can explore and facilitate new methods for local production giving people possibilities they didn't know that they had etc. etc.
By visiting different locations around the small town Höfn on Iceland, we learned how a holostic strategy for local development is very important to enable new things to happen. Not in a practical way perhaps, but in an economic way. As designers we can provide great skills in developing these strategies and we can also work on the ground by initiating various examples of what a locality could contain together with people.
Enjoy the video, there will be more pictures later! :)


I WANNA see these films!


Tonight fashion designer Kevin Azzopardi will have his SS13 show here in Oslo, and we will also show our collaboration project; a mobile showroom unit.

As a fashion designer, selling your collection is essential, and for Kevin we wanted to explore new (or old) ways of doing this by dusting off the good old travelling sales man.

Stay tuned for press images, and be very welcome tonight at Gallery TM51, Thorvald Meyers gate 51, Oslo.


Disney have apparently a quite advanced and broad research department on f.ex. computer graphics, robotics, human-computer interaction, behavioural sciences etc. This project is a quite advanced technology for registering human connection with plants. They have also programmed it to become tools in our everyday lives. I think it is amazing if it is possible to actually measure the well-being of all the organisms on this earth that does not speak.


This sunday something called Open Restaurant Day (or just Restaurant Day)was happening all over the world! The idea is that everyone should be able to open a restaurant wherever. Me and two classmates, Eva and Tabea wanted to join the concept which is quite popular some places in the world, but not yet in Oslo; we were the only ones here this time! It started off in Helsinki in 2010, and they arrange approx. 4 restaurant days a year.

So... We wanted to create something in a public space, and knew the wheather was going to be nice, so we searched for the perfect spot! Suddenly we spotted the bridge right outside our school, and all three of us immediately realized that it was going to be crazy cool to do it there. We planned for some hours, and decided on a bakery-concept; Broen Bakeri.

It was going to be a wonderful day, with a lot of people, chatting and eating, it was a great atmosphere the whole day through! Some of the things we had for "sale" and taste; brownies, cookies, lemon cake, carrot and coconut-cake, apple-pie, chocolate buns, cinnamon buns, spinache quiche, waffles and dumplings.
Watch out for next restaurant day!


I LOVED this retro-fantastic piece of a funny game action animation movie. Watch it! Love the brutal tetris sequence.

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. by onemoreprod