This sunday something called Open Restaurant Day (or just Restaurant Day)was happening all over the world! The idea is that everyone should be able to open a restaurant wherever. Me and two classmates, Eva and Tabea wanted to join the concept which is quite popular some places in the world, but not yet in Oslo; we were the only ones here this time! It started off in Helsinki in 2010, and they arrange approx. 4 restaurant days a year.

So... We wanted to create something in a public space, and knew the wheather was going to be nice, so we searched for the perfect spot! Suddenly we spotted the bridge right outside our school, and all three of us immediately realized that it was going to be crazy cool to do it there. We planned for some hours, and decided on a bakery-concept; Broen Bakeri.

It was going to be a wonderful day, with a lot of people, chatting and eating, it was a great atmosphere the whole day through! Some of the things we had for "sale" and taste; brownies, cookies, lemon cake, carrot and coconut-cake, apple-pie, chocolate buns, cinnamon buns, spinache quiche, waffles and dumplings.
Watch out for next restaurant day!

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